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Online mastering - For Itunes, Radio, or your CD Album releases.

Online mastering, audio mastering, CD mastering or sometimes called album mastering is the last part of the record making process. From the writing of the music and lyrics, recording to mixing. Mastering is where the final checks are done before being released. Any final EQ, compression or stereo image tweaks can be made. Along with final limiting, this will bring up the level (volume), so your song competes in loudness with all the other commercial releases. I'll make sure your tracks/songs sound their absolute best!

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Online mastering costs £24.50 UK pounds per track. Includes any revisions! Discounts for multiple tracks. Album mastering costs £210 UK pounds. Highly experienced mastering engineer. Hear for yourself today, request mastering for your music and get a free preview.

For best results send a 24bit wav or aiff file. Remove the limiter on your master channel. Make sure the mixdown is not clipping. Plus any isrc codes or cdtext information. Free preview for new clients, so try before you buy. Please remember mastering will probably not save a really poor mix, so get that MIX tight before you send! If I feel the mix is not up to scratch I'll let you know why!

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Frequently asked questions - please check through!


What file format for mastering?

For best results send your stereo mixdown as 24bit wav or aiff file, at 96khz, 88.2khz, 48khz or 44.1khz

Master channel - Do I leave the limiter on ?

Turn the limiter off. This will give me headroom to work with. You also might have other plugins on like Eq, compression or stereo
enhancement. Only leave these on if your 100% happy with what their doing. For instance to much low end eq may make the track sound muddy. You might be killing punch with incorrect settings with a compressor! Extremely important!

Free test mastering - How does this work ?

I want you to try my mastering sevice without any obligation. I will provide new clients with a free test master. Listen to what I have done at your own leisure. Just send over your track stating 'free test mastering'. I offer this service for mixing aswell!

Can you contact me via the telephone !?

No problem at all. If you wish to speak to me regarding any project please call me on this number, TEL: +44 (0) 7876 352645

What are the turn around times for online mastering?

Usually 1 - 2 days. Unless i'm away on holiday.

How to send files to me at ?

Simply upload your final mix to my personal account. Or email your track to me. Or upload your track to any other file transfer system and email me your link. If you're sending various files zip up all the tracks into one folder and send me that.

ISRC codes / DDP image ?

If your releasing a physical CD you will want me to burn a physical CD (Red book master). You might want me to include your isrc codes. These codes identify each track on your CD and allow for any royalty reporting. You can apply for your own codes or companies like can provide them for you. If you're pressing many cd's, your cd manufacturing plant may requre a DDP image, no problem just request it!


What file format for mixing?

Protools/Cubase/Nuendo users, please send the whole project. If not please do this:

Export/Bounce each audio track as a WAV or AIFF file. (I.e., Lead vocal 1, Backing vocal 1, Kick, Snare, Hi hats, Piano, Bass etc.) These can either be mono or stereo. As 24bit at 44.1khz, 48khz, 88.2khz or 96khz. Only keep on plugins that are crucial to sound shaping or a special effect. General effects like compression/reverb/eq/delay etc please remove. And no audio clipping! Also, which is really important, make sure you export/bounce each audio track from the same start point in your audio sequencer, i.e., 1.

Do I need mastering or mixing?

Don't make the same mistake like me. I used to think mastering was the final and most important part of the record making process. Yes mastering is important but not nearly as important as the initial idea for the song. Production, tracking (if recording a live band) and then mixing. Out of all these things mastering comes last. Clever writing, recording, production and mixing are the key!

What's the difference between mixing and mastering?

Mixing is where you have access to the recorded parts in a song. Usually ranging from 30 to over 200 tracks occasionally. For instance, lead vocal, backing vocals, adlibs, harmonies, kick drum, snare, toms, hi hats, overheads, bass, synths, keyboards, piano, strings, guitars etc. It's the mix engineers job to balance all the elements. Using Eq, compression, panning, reverb, delays, special fx plus many other skills and techniques to provide that master final stereo mixdown. Mastering is where you only have access to process the final stereo mixdown.

Can you contact me via the telephone !?

No problem at all. If you wish to speak to me regarding any project please call me on this number, TEL: +44 (0) 7876 352645

What are the turn around times for online mixing?

Usually 3 - 4 days. Unless i'm away on holiday.

How to send files to me at ?

Simply upload your audio files zipped up to my personal account. Or upload your files to any other file transfer system
and email me your link. Use winzip or winrar to zip up files.

Any questions please feel free to email me:

Professional quality sound

Mixing is so important. A good mix engineer will bring out the personality of the song. Getting all the elements in the track balanced correctly. Being able to hear all the instruments clearly. Making sure the track has depth and width. Getting the vocals to shine. Don't spoil a great production with a sub par final mix. Experience and great tools are key !

Music mixing can only be done in an acoustically treated room so every detail of your song can be heard correctly and processed to its maximum potential. You can't tweak what you can't hear !

Online mixing costs £125 UK per mix. Includes mastering plus revisions. 6-8 hours work.

Upload here - My Personal YouSendit >


  • 1. Magic     After
  • 2. Magic     Before
  • 3. Young again     After
  • 4. Young again     Before
  • 5. Lady Melody     After
  • 6. Lady Melody     Before
  • 7. Sword     After
  • 8. Sword     Before

Sending Files Online>

Protools/Cubase/Nuendo users, please send the whole project. If not do this:

Export/Bounce each audio track as a WAV or AIFF file. (I.e., Lead vocal 1, Backing vocal 1, Kick, Snare, Hi hats, Piano, Bass etc.) These can either be mono or stereo. They can be 24bit or 16bit at 44.1khz, 48khz, 88.2khz or 96khz. Only keep on plugins that are crucial to sound shaping or a special effect. General effects like compression/reverb/eq/delay etc please remove. And no audio clipping ! Also, which is really important, make sure you export/bounce each audio track from the same start point in your audio sequencer, i.e., 1.

Full service online mixing and mastering studio

Industry standard software including Pro Tools 9 cptk2 and Cubase Pro 8.5. Plugins from Universal Audio UAD, Softube and Brainworx.
Tracks will be mixed or mastered through a high-end analog chain. Starting with top notch Prism Titan D/A-A/D converters into a NEVE 8816 summing mixer. Final mix or mastering EQ sweetening from the API 5500. With legendary Stereo SSL G-bus compression to finish the process. Monitoring through the world class PSI A21-m speakers.

Resulting in a mix that has true separation , width, and depth. Are you struggling with a flat mix, poor separation, or lack of clarity?. These issues usually come from working entirely in the box, poor room acoustics, or low mixing/mastering time experience !

The studio has been specially designed to give the flattest frequency response and superb stereo imaging. I don't want any dips or peaks in the sound spectrum.


Online mastering contact
TEL: +44 (0) 7876 352645

Skype - cliveknightley

Contact form>

Please contact me about your project, I am happy to discuss your exact needs.

Phone me direct, email me or use the contact form below. I check my messages daily so will be back in touch shortly.


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My online blog - Who i'm working with! Gear lust and info! Thoughts!

Mar 27th 2016

Just finished up mastering Ryan Anthony album 'Barely See The Beach' Awesome Hip Hop album!

Feb 25th 2016

New LG 29Um67p widescreen monitor working well, picture is fantastic. Loving the 2560x1080 resolution. Highly recommend this product from LG. Check out the pictures on my facebook page cheers all!

Nov 25th 2015

My new choice of weapon for A/D - D/A conversion is the Prism Sound Titan. Totally amazed how this unit works with windows via USB. Plug and play! Sound quality is outstanding cannot believe how good these converters sound. With the amount of mastering i'm doing this is only fair for my clients, thank you! New pictures coming soon.

Prism Titan Review

June 20th 2015

Sorry I havent updated here much. Because of ease/quickness I tend to post on my dedicated music/mixing Facebook page. Please pop over, like and say hello thanks. Link :

February 20th 2015

I love to produce when I get the time. Check out my productions on my Soundcloud page, thanks!

January 6th 2015

Thanks for all the music sent over during the Xmas and New Year period! Bit of a back log but up together at last. All the best record labels, producers, and independent artists for 2015

September 28th 2014

Been busy in new studio. Feel very lucky so have such a great room to work in. Hope you're all well, thanks for visiting.

August 24th 2014

Sorry for not many updates, recently moved studio to a new location. Major upgrade in the terms of room design and sound. Will also be upgrading to the psi A21m monitors. Currently testing room!

My new mixing and mastering studio.

January 21st 2014

Another busy year, so long 2013!! Made some great contacts and friends, thanks to all who sent over music for mixing and mastering, appreciated! This year will bring a big change, drum roll a new studio !! Whoo hoo! Currently looking at new premises, exciting times. Been producing as well, even got a runner up position on a remix comp! Good luck with your music in 2014!

September 21st 2013

I also love to produce music in between mixing. If you're new to producing and want some great practice and feedback. I suggest joining, a great music production community. The site offers you a chance to get your hands on professionally recorded accappellas for you to remix and submit in various competitions. Here's my page on the site click here.

July 10th 2013

Enjoying very much the great tracks being sent over for my mastering service, thank you all! I also offer a mixing service which includes mastering within the price. Have you ever tried out a separate/independent mixing engineer to mix and engineer your songs? For new clients I will provide a fully mixed and mastered preview of your song. This is so you can fully hear what I can achieve with your raw recorded tracks at no cost to you! Check out this short intro video I made for my sister website -

May 28th 2013

My sister website - has had a nice review on this audio blog. Talks more about my online mixing service. Check it out -

This new SSL 32 channel summing mixer has really caught my eye, looks amazing. Time to replace my trusty Neve 8816 maybe. Check out the details here.

April 18th 2013

I love producing music in between mixing and mastering! I can produce Pop, R&B, House, Dance type tracks. I have updated my sister website with a online production page check it out! Currently looking for top line writers/singers to collaborate with.

Great info from Rihanna's mixing engineer Phil Tan. Note pad ready top tips coming up!

Feb 17th 2013 is a great community for musicians and engineers. Get to remix or mix some superb tracks. Enter your work in various competitions. Here's my submission for the latest mixing competition. Please vote for me thanks!

Jan 11th 2013

Happy New Year. Back to the grind! Upgraded Cubase to version 7 when it was released in December. Has been rock solid on my i7 PC. Loving the new mixer, looks great. The new chord track is superb! Time to start producing a few of my own tracks this year! Check out these new reverbs from Nice! Good luck for 2013!

Nov 13th 2012

On a different note, lets talk about volume controllers. Usually placed between your final computers stereo outputs and your monitors. Ok not so interesting but over the years I have been buying the cheaper passive versions as the TC electronic level pilot. Unfortunately these don't last very long. Over a fairly short period of time you start to get crackles and at low volumes the stereo image falls apart. Introducing the SPL Volume 2 which I brought about a year ago. Can't fault it, superb stereo image and super smooth volume control, Highly recommended !!!

Oct 6th 2012

Recently mixed and mastered Jahaziel new track 'Theft of my innocence' The audio in this video changes between the guide/rough mix and the final mix/mastered version for demonstration. Hopefully you can hear the improvements I brought to the track! Enjoy! Please share !!

July 29th 2012

No updates for a while, apologies! Crazy busy at the moment! Will be updating my online mastering and mixing examples as soon as! Look out for a snippet of a song called 'Love on the line'. Probably one of my favourite songs I've worked on! Amazing vocal too!

I posted a video below which I engineered on. Band Freenz have notched up nearly 70,000 views in a couple of months with their latest single 'Queen of the night'. Check it out!

May 19th 2012

Been working with these guys this month, mixed and mastered a couple of their tracks. Band is called Freenz. They are from Canada, quality production and vocals !! Enjoy !

April 24th 2012

Very busy at the moment! Working on projects from clients from all over the world! America, Japan, Switzerland, India, and the UK.

Upgraded my DAW! I'm a PC guy. Went with the new Intel i7 3930K 6 core processor. Asus P9x79 pro motherboard. 16 gig of ram. The K series loved to be clocked for extra processing power. With the asus software its a matter of a few clicks for automatic clocking. Be sure to get a quality cpu cooling unit tho! My system is running @ 4.5 ghz and seems rock solid !!

March 5th 2012

What is Stem mastering? - How can it benefit you? Usually when your track is mixed by a engineer, you will be given a final stereo mixdown of your song. This is usually sent to the mastering engineer for final mastering. But what you can do is! Send your mastering engineer stems of your mix. Not just the stereo mixdown! So once your track is completely mixed and processed. Group the main elements in your song and bounce as a stem.

On average there are five stems per song. For example, 1. Drums stem, 2. Bass stem, 3. Keyboards stem, 4. Guitars stem, 5. Vocals stem. Each one of these stems would be a stereo bounce. Now the mastering engineer has the various stems and will hopefully provide you a even better final master, as long has the engineer has a decent mixing skills! Stem mastering costs - £65 uk pounds per stem master.

January 28th 2012

A bit late but happy new year everybody, good luck all for 2012. Thank you for the kind words about the look of the website, glad you're liking it. I only just got the retro doublewide compressor. I also purchased a AML 54F50 compressor for my api lunchbox. Have not yet tested these properly but seem super smooth on vocals.

Working with production team Muddyloop from London - Top notch urban/pop productions. Enjoyed very much mixing and mastering their tracks. Hopefully will be adding some videos soon. Covering mixing and mastering sessions plus tips and tricks. So bookmark now and please come back soon! Top online mastering and mixing for your music !!

December 15th 2011

The 500 Api series has been around for few years now. I've recently jumped on the band wagon and purchased a Api lunchbox 6b. Which allows upto 6 modules. Now! What modules to get ?? There are many out there ! Eq's, Compressors and Mic pre's ! But this one caught my eye. Retro Instruments, Doublewide compressor. Should be killer on vocals, guitars and bass !! I'll let you know once I receive it.

November 7th 2011

Welcome to my brand new website. Offering online mastering and mixing. With high speed broadband nothing could be simpler then sending your session files for professional engineering. Costs that are affordable with fast turn around times. I provide a free preview for mixing and mastering. So I will not ask for any fees until you have heard your preview. Looking forward to hearing and working on your tracks. Regards Clive Knightley.

Any questions please feel free to email me: